Easter Egg? Erotica Flyers? Hidden Item in Tallgrass

Hello Stalkers,

I found a hidden poster/magazine/card which popped up when you went through certain tallgrass area on the edge of certain zone.

It looks like erotica flyers/posters. (I can’t upload the screenshot because I’m a new user.) The name/title on the poster may called “BUSHMAN”.

When you enter Lair of the Horned Devil zone, turn left, walk along the edge of area (the giant thorn walls), it will pop up once you walk through it.

However it will fall back into tallgrass again after it popped up in two second. And I can’t find this hidden item in my bag or inventory. I’ve found the same item twice in different tallgrass area.

I’m wondering if anyone else has found this item. Is it an easter egg? What exactly is it?

Same here.

i found them all and i semms it is a bugged secret, no answer from the team yet. I posted all the locations with screenshots here some time ago.