A secret - collecting 5 magazines/posters possible spoilers warning ! :)


In some locations you can find some magazines/posters i think, there is sound and information how many you collected after picking it up (just stepping into one, without using “e” to pick it up) , right now i’m stuck at 4/5.

It seeems they are mainly in side locations.

Will post later where i found the 4 that i have already.


Ok so there it is:

1: Location leading to the castle of light.

2: Scrapyard.

3: location next to The Grogg Den.

4: Lair of the Horned - left from the enterance to this map.

Sorry that i don’t know the names of some locations :slight_smile:

UPTADE ! i got it ! It is in first location, near start of the game

So now i have 5/5 and nothing showed up, no achivements and no items. Maybe i’m missing something out ?


I went to the elder in the ark, maybe he would tell me something after i collected all the items, but the elder is bugged now. He’s saying nothing and there is no way to exit the screen. Can’t load either, only way is to close the game by att+F4 command center.

If he’s the answer he is bugged :frowning:

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Hey. Thanks for this.

Did anything happen for you after you collecting these other than the elder bugging out? The same thing happened to me on PS4. Thought it would give you something cool, like a comic book to actually read or something but all it’s done is bug the game lol

nope, nothing happened. I hope we will get some answers soon :slight_smile:

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Awesome that you can pick them all up. The bug is fixed and the elder appreciates you returning the ■■■■■■. :+1: