Journal near ghosts in "kings niche" is hidden under stairs

Therefore hidden from view and cannt be read

Also have this problem. I get a press E to interact notice but pressing E does nothing.

Confirmed. Raknys Journal #5 is spawning UNDER the brick it supposed to. I checked it out on single player, using the admin “ghost” ability to phase under the brick. It’s right under the brick.

Raknys Journal #6 has the same problem. I can’t get it from the surface of the island it spawns on.

Thanks for reporting. There are some of these we already fixed internal, but will not be in fix for the launch build.

Also you can’t get Razma’s journal #3 in the cage, I CANNOT destroy that cage without using shift+delete. I have spawned in every weapon on admin and nope, won’t be destroyed, and you can’t reach it from outside the cage.

I went nuts on it with Telieth’s Sorrow modded for damage…and yeah, it broke.

Ran-san how about Razma’s Journal #8??? Not to spoil anything but it almost looks like you could / should get into that building there, the door is half open correct?

I get an press e for interact around where it was…hmmmmm something suspicious about that buliding.

Journal #8 is out NE of Sepermeru in the middle of nowhere. It’s actually hovering above the ground slightly and I don’t think this is going to be it’s permanent location.

Oh I will have to look there, NE you say. How far NE?

I have a dickens of a time finding all of Techtosta’s journals there and I KNOW where they all are.

Speaking of journal and emotes, not all of the emotes have been released yet? I have yet to find hide, wounded, and the Harlot’s journal #1 doesn’t teach you anything but the ghost looks like she is “eating an apple”?

From what I gleamed from ghosting through that building, there is a VERY interesting story line there that I MUST pursue when I can.

I placed all coordinates and text myself.'s_Journals#Razma.27s_Journal_.238

I wondered if that was you. I am ■■■■ that way and have a word doc with all of the journals that I find or can read online trying to make sense of the journey and etc. I hated when they messed up a couple of the recipe books around the the den and up north in LIan’s watch camp.

This is happening on Official #1500 as well.