Eldarium Armors Spreadsheet

After long time of searching and hoping to find quick info that would allow me to easily compare armors, i decided to make such comparision myself.

Feedback appreciated.

#note, these are all epic flawless grade.


When 2.1 goes live next week, you will have to start from scratch. None of this is going to be valid anymore.


After month noone did table for comparision, i did it in less than hour, i can easily update it after new update. :wink:

Will the update alter attributes on armors though? If i saw correctly, it just changes weight/armor/durability on flawless armors, and dmg/penetration/durability on flawless weapons (depending on T4 specialization)


Based on my TestLive tests:

If thats true, then i better start crafting more of chieftain/frost giant, because as devs said - old armors won’t change stats.

But highly doubt its not a bug. Because new armors would be quite ‘bad’ comparable to current eldarium armors. And that would put new players in high disadvantage on pvp servers.

they don’t care about pvp servers tbh. Especially raid ones.

is this 2.1 patch coing next week for sure? is that confirmed somewhere? Also have they said anything about a wipe?

They said soon. I am guessing some time this week and they have said many many times that they don’t plan to wipe officials. Private servers can decide on their own if they want a wipe or not.

You can check the stream recap.

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