Siptah epic armors not showing up

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5 (Digital Edition)
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE-Conflict
Map: Isle of Siptah
Server Name: 8090

Bug Description:

I learned the black knight armor but the epic version isn’t showing up. I have learned some other armors through schematics and the epic versions of those aren’t showing up either.

Bug Reproduction:

I don’t know what I did but I found out from other players on the server that they’re having the same issues.

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There’s no epic versions of the eldarium armors. They’re already considered epic. They use perfected padding. Eldarium is considered a top tier, similar to star metal. It’s always gonna be epic. You can make it “better” by using an appropriate T4 armorer. Non-epic armors will use no eldarium and perfected padding. There’s no option for these. Similarly, the voidforge armors and weapons, though NOT necessarily always eldarium (notice the armors) are also epic already with no non-epic variants.

There’s quite a few items that only come in epic versions actually, particularly on siptah. Just because you only see one version doesn’t mean it’s not epic.

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Those armors don’t use perfected paddings hun. They use regular paddings. Some people in the server have the epic version of the black knight armor but the new people that started playing don’t which I don’t understand why.

Could you share some screenshots? That sounds pretty unusual. Also, are you using an improved or T3 bench?

I’m using the garrison bench to reduce the cost of materials with a shieldWright. The regular version shows up but it only shows up in the improved bench and you have to use a regular heavy padding. The epic version doesn’t even show up in the epic armors area. I looked up the Conan wiki and all the armors that I’m missing have epic versions but they’re not showing up for me and other people on the server.

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It has been reported before

So they don’t care to fix this issue?

Its not in the patch notes of the current testlive build but a fix can still be there for the live version of chapter 2, have to wait and see. Its one of the many unfixed issues of the game.

Interesting… and my apologies, I hadn’t even noticed that Black Knight does in fact have a non-epic version since many of the siptah armors don’t.

Anyway, is this only affecting new recipes? I’ve had it for some time and I have both versions.

It only affects new players or characters. I don’t recall exactly when this bug was introduced but it has been quite some time. Several months at least.

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Now that you mention it, I vaguely remember hearing about something like that. That sucks.:expressionless:

Specifically affects the recipes learned by delving. Things like the vault armories and primitive man armor recipes that you pick up at locations around the map still give you their epic recipes.

Yes yes yes I have returned to the game since 6 months to test the new magic and the new raid mechanic but now I can not craft any epic new delved armors and if it has been for so long why doesn’t bugcom do something about it because it’s so hard to farm 50 eldarium that’s it’s 2 runs across the vaults

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Not only can you not learn the Epic versions of the Delved armours, the game will still allow you to click on any new recipes for those armours you should have already learnt, thus wasting multiple copies of the recipes.

Do yourself a favour and stockpile any Siptah Delved armour recipes, do NOT click on them until this problem is solved.

Come on devs, enough time has passed, give us some transparency on this issue, you may think it’s not a high priority, but it is game breaking in potentially hundreds of hours of wasted time.

P.S. This bug is the same on PC, (official servers).

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Just discovered this same bug … returned to Siptah after a long break, excited to get the Black Knight armor for my fighters, and can’t craft any epic! This is on PC official - but exact same problem!

This is wrong. I understand that you are trying to help, but if you don’t understand an issue then please do not post erroneous conjecture as fact.


Delving Bench recipes like Black Knight, Scavenger Fur, Night Stalker’s, War Court, etc all have both a regular and epic version. When you delved the associated armors and got the recipe and learned them you would learn BOTH the regular and epic versions of each, since there is only ONE scroll. There is no separate “epic” and “normal” scroll.

At some point approx a year ago the Delving Bench recipes were broken, and now they only give the normal version of each delved armor. This is the same type of bug such as when the Tempersmith didn’t give the Grandmaster Armor Repair Kit recipe for about half a year because of some coding mistake on Funcom’s end.

It’s likely a very easy fix, I just can’t fathom why Funcom hasn’t prioritized it yet. I have all my epic recipes so I’m not even affected, but I can imagine how infuriating this is for people who don’t. Delving isn’t exactly cheap - neither is grinding the Judge for recipes - so not getting the important epic versions is absolutely gamebreaking.

It will not let you click on delved weapon recipes you already know, stating that “you already know this recipe”.
So the fact that you can keep using delved armor recipes is further proof that this is a bug (not that proof was required, since anyone playing Siptah for over a year knows that the armor recipes gave both regular/epic). The scroll was intended to give both epic and normal, detects that you do not know the epic version, and lets you use it.

I sincerely hope that when devs finally get around to fixing this issue they do not fix it in such a way that those who have learned the non-epic version are bugged and unable to use the scrolls a second time.

You do realize this is topic from months ago, right? We’ve all realized now that it’s an actual bug. Yes, I’ve confirmed it in NEWER topics and bug reports—I even mention I was mistaken further down in THIS topic. Man, if you’re gonna go off on someone for being “wrong,” at least do it with updated information… or read the whole thread. :person_facepalming:

Or maybe take this as a lesson not to weigh in with your “facts” on something you know absolutely nothing about? Just a thought.
And if you consider me politely telling you that earlier as “going off on someone” then you either have serious reading comprehension issues or some kind of victim complex.