Siptah Armors: bugged or an intended change

So I decided to compare them all before and after. Before with a T4 thrall (epic flawless) and after with T4 armorer thrall (specialization doesn’t affect the attributes as per my tests):

Full Delved Set Siptah Live (Epic Flawless) Siptah TestLive (T4 Armorer)
Black Knight 7 str; 8 vit 6 str
Black Privateer 5 agi; 5 acc; 5 grit 10 grit
Cannibal 7 str; 8 survival 6 survival
Chieftain 2 agi; 10 vit; 2 acc; 2 grit; 2 enc; 2 survival 6 vit
Durable Heavy 0 attr 0 attr
Durable Light 0 attr 0 attr
Durable Medium 0 attr 0 attr
Dune Hunter 5 str; 5 agi; 5 acc 10 acc
Frost Giant 8 str; 7 vit 6 str
Gladiator 15 grit 10 grit
Marksman 7 agi; 8 acc 6 acc
Night Stalker 7 str; 8 agi 4 str; 8 agi
Remnant 8 agi; 7 enc 6 agi
Scavenger-fur 5 str; 5 agi; 5 survival 10 str
Survivalist 7 enc; 8 survival 6 survival
Vicious 5 str; 5 vit; 5 grit 10 str
War Court 15 str 10 str
Wild Druid 5 vit; 5 enc; 5 survival 10 survival

If the armors are not bugged, then why should we even craft these armors when we can get similar or even higher stats with standard vanilla armors which are cheaper to craft and maintain and require no eldarium and research.


knowing that siptah armor take long time , and lot of grint to be unlocked, so should be normal to have this armor better than any others… if a parameter to change, well make them harder to unlock (lower probability to get on delv workbench)

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Let’s not forget that in addition to difficulty learning the feat and the higher cost to craft, these armors are currently also balanced against other comparable sets by having lower armor values… if they’re not even giving as much of a stat bonus as their contemporaries, they’ll be straight-up cosmetic items.

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Has to be a bug.

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If this isn’t a bug we better get to crafting so we have tons of these old sets since they will forever be the best end game armor. And if it’s not a bug it also ruins the entire endgame of the map. No reason to do vaults, eldarium is worthless, the armor sucks, and its not needed for summoning. No reason to barter and trade since you only need a little bit to make the weapons you want and you beat the game with only doing 2 or 3 vaults.

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Has there been any Dev word on whether this intended or a bug?

This better be a bug/oversight. Spent every eldarium i found on recipes, would rather not see that become wasted. Aint no way i will use those if this sticks.

Hey there,

This is caused by an issue that has been fixed internally and will be out either in a new hotfix or in the final live version of 2.1.


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