Equal Exiles private PvP Server!

Don’t like going up against mega clans? New player? Not experienced? Come to Equal Exiles on PS4! We have much to offer! No admin abuse. Only the server owner and his admin has the password, they do not play on their own server or use alts, admin raid bases are available to raid so you can work on your raiding and teamwork skills with your clan, clan size allowed is up to 4 people but you can always have allies if you have more! Starter pack, safe zone on noob river, horse pvp restriction to certain areas on map, no offlining, drop on death, 10x harvest during raid then it goes to 3x otherwise. Faster crafting and taming. Lag is minimal, tons of room to build since it’s a brand new server. If you have any questions message me here! Otherwise happy hunting exiles! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Forum :grinning:

Bumping this because this seems like it’s gonna be a lot of fun.

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