Equip armor problem when order of inventory is by name

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Region: [ EU ]
Hardware: [ Playstation 4 the oldest]

Bug Description: I always choose my Inventory by name, not custom, not heaviest first.

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When I try to equip my armor pieces (apparently with the same name, for example Guardians helmet, guardians boots, etc…) and my armor pieces are in the row, by pressing equip(square button) the next choice goes far in my inventory and not to the next armor piece.

Expected Behavior:

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When you had your inventory by named you could equip your armor set very fast just by pressing fast square button 5 times, now the choise is jumping to other options of items on your inventory making you search where you armor is.

Steps to Reproduce:

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Like the photo I Wil press square button to equip my boots

Normally my next choise should be on my gauntlet but instead of this it jumps randomly somewhere else like the photo below

I really hope I explained my problem correctly, thank you for your patience.


The cursor jump also around while equipping armor when it sort by heaviest too.


I confirm this happens. I always sort everything by name myself. So when putting on the armor pieces of the same name and set, I always have to redirect the cursor back to the row where the pieces are, as it always teleports to the bottom of my inventory.


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