Error message: "Unable to login, please restart or try again later. Continuing in Offline Mode in which only Single-player mode is available"

I just played last night and today I can only play single player. I couldn’t find an announcement. What’s going on?

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Same here on #1022, server status shows that 3 ppl are logged in.

I play on ps4 and i received the same message. I deleted the game and download it again. After this my performance is superb no matter where i play.

Судя по всему, почти у всех такая залупа. А Funcom молчат, твари.

Now managed to log into server, but bazaar is red… cant access it.

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Lost count, think this is 14.

You need to delete and download again. I had the same message a week ago, after this it restored the sessions i couldn’t see all this time

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