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I have a problem entering the official 2120 pvp server I get the legend connection error could not connect to the server, the user has been expelled from this server and I think it has been a misunderstanding since I have not violated any rules of the game

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Hello @Zxrco02, in order for us to provide you with further information regarding a ban, you’ll need to reach out to us privately as indicated in our terms of conduct and provide the servers you play on, in-game name and the name of any clans you belong to.

Funcom if you are going to just start banning people for playing PVP. Just get rid of it. All you have done is made this a community for crybabies. Everytime I pvp a clan now. I get a threat from them. Attempting to get us banned. We dont cheat and we dont play against the rules. But funcom you have really destroyed your own pvp community. XBOX. Also if there is buildable spots example brimstone lake. Why would you ban players for building in a spot you allow. Some of this just makes no sense. Guess u will be banning all your loyal pvp community that you have left. Conan exiles PVP is just filled with crybabies now. U opened up a bad platform. For people who really want pve on a PVP server. Hope u guys reconsider some of your policy Especially land claim

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