Error with entering text in Russian (talent menu\inventory\character name\admin panel)

Game mode: All
Type of issue: Error
Server type: The error occurs on all servers
Region: Russia

I found an error related to entering Russian letters.
I read patch-notes, and there ( if you believe the Google translator ) you have introduced a system of protection against invisible characters ( perhaps-it is in it, I do not know, just logically reasoned, because before the patch there was no such problem)
You can start typing if you first press the space bar, or enter an English letter first, or put a number. In any other case, the letters are not entered, which creates a problem for using the “Search” function in the talent menu\inventory, or in the admin panel, since it is simply impossible to find an item starting with a capital letter. In addition, there is no possibility to “insert” the copied text.
It was checked on two computers - the result was the same.

I can only write in the following cases:

  1. If I write a number first ( with a number at the beginning, nothing will be found, of course.
  2. If I write an English letter ( similarly, the search does not work )
  3. If I put a space ( if we talk about the search-it will find the item, if only the word that I write is contained in the middle of the" name “of this item ((for example, I will write” space “imperial-it will find me a Khitan imperial breastplate and other items where the name after the space is the word” imperial" )) )

If you do not perform one of these steps, you can not write.
That is, the ability to write with a capital letter is simply not available.
And if you try to delete what I indicated in the" steps " above , everything that I wrote already "after"will be erased.
It’s not just about finding items, but also the names of characters, as well as clans.
There are absolutely no modifications, by the way.

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