[EU]24.05-PvP-10xp-2h-no gods


Inviting you to our fresh server: [EU]24.05-PvP-10xp-2h-no gods
Platform: PC
Start: 24.05.2019
Orientation: PvP
Rules: Don’t be a mean person, but have fun at raiding
Clan size: 4
Harvest: 2x
Experience: 10x
Raid times: Mo-Do 20:00 - 22:00 / Sa - Su 17:00 - 24:00
No gods
Map rooms at each obelisk
Events depending on community feedback and demand

This is a PvP server. Be ready to raid & get raided. We prefer this happens online, but don’t monitor or require that.
We provide a server with fast leveling experience so you can get your stuff in no time.
Generally, you should enjoy fighting and not cry in every single instance of death. We do not provide a shoulder for that.
In case of serious trouble or problems however, we are 2 admins that can provide support and listen to your suggestions.

Other then this (and obviously no hacking & exploiting) we don’t enforce any rules on you.

See you on the server, hopefully with a good attitude and hunger for blood.

There’s an issue with the server type. It is displayed in PvE although we changed settings. It reverts back to PvE for no reason. We are working to fix this.