**[EU] Doom Of MORDOR +18 PVE 21/03/24 05:25 Fresh Server**

[EU] Doom Of MORDOR +18 PVE 21/03/24 05:25 Fresh Server

:pushpin:Server is Based in Germany [No Lag Ping Problem]

:pushpin:The reason we are PvE is both for new players and to prevent your efforts from going to waste.

:pushpin:You are free to roleplay whatever you want, I like RP

:pushpin:Full Nudity is Open

:pushpin:We Have Good Mods That Will Not Break the Game. Appearance, Storage, Interface, Stacking Mode, 100 lvl limit etc.

:pushpin:-Harvesting 1.5- -Taming is Faster- -Experience 1.5- -Craft is a Little Faster- -Storm is Closed-

:pushpin:The settings are like this to preserve the originality of the game and the universe

:pushpin:Battle Eye Protected Server

:pushpin:Only Ideology is Being Fair and Fun, with no donation system

:pushpin:The server is not complicated, you can have fun by killing bosses, harvesting and building bases.

:pushpin:A Beginner Friendly Server

:pushpin:IP: text****

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