[EU/ENG] Greed and Steel RP Server 70 Slot Voice/Heavy RP |

Greed and Steel RP is a Whitelisted Voice RolePlay Server , and we are looking for serious people/friends to join in.
So if you like to play without any worries and give it a bit of a story then join us.
Server has been wiped 20-10-2019 Due to updates and a fresh start

What we offer a 70 player slots server to begin , lots of freedom focused on RP/HRP.
Server is setup 22-9-2019 . A fresh world and whitelisted to keep quality gameplay.
4X XP 4X Harvest - Faster Crafting- Adjusted Thrall Breaking - Pets etc -
Several mods running on this server , make sure to put them in the same order as the

Server :

1.Pippi - User & Server Management -
2.Fashionist v3.0.2 (1.0 and DLC compatible)
3.Emberlight 2.0.8
4.Exiled_Lands_Improved (Character features only) Currently not active because of a problem
5.Glass Constructions and more…
6.RP Aesthetics (RA)
7.GCam down to 60
8.Less Building Placement Restrictions - Overlaps Edition
10.Glowing Eyes & More
11. Greed and Steel RP UI


So join our discord : http://discord.gg/dQvscnC for rules apply and questions .

Greets and hope to see you soon in the Exiled lands . !