EU(ENG/SWE)GoA-ConanExiles PvP 2.5x Rates - Looking for More Players

Hello All!

Group of Amateurs-Group of Exiles Server is currently looking for More Players to our Conan Exiles Server.
We are located in Sweden, and are a English/Swedish server.

The aim is to provide a ConanExiles Environment to PvP, Build, have fun, but tailored to the working folk out there that want to experience Base Wars(Attacks and Defense). Feel Free to pop in if you have any questions.

We did a fresh start on 15.05.2018

Currently running official settings

2.5x Gathering Rates

Active Admins  -  low Downtimes during server updates usually

Player PvP is active at all times. Building PvP is active during the weekends 21:00-23:00 and setup so people have the ability to defend their bases and/or attack with due preparation.
Server Time (UTC+1 - Stockholm)

IP: or search GoA-ConanExiles in PvP Category