[EU] Pandora [START 10.Oct 18PM] - no wipe - beginnerfriendly

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hey guys,
tonight a new server starts! with siptah map !

[EU/GER] Pandora [START 10.Oct 18PM]

currently more than 10 players are already interested!

raid times:
Sunday to thursday: 19-22
Friday + Saturday: 19-00
The times are only secondary because 60 minutes after your logout the automatic offline raid protection is active.
surge costs 10%, harvest and experience is boosted

Changes as well as rules will be voted by the community!
No server wipe!

more info and rules can be found on Discord:

Some people are already waiting until the last hour is over!
The interest is already very good!

After that the password of the server is removed!
So everybody can start almost simultaneously!

Server start in 70 minutes!