[EU] Purist PvP Official Server START 03.02.2023 (BETA 1)

Don’t You have enough of Official Servers for obvious reasons? Do You think most private servers have too drastic rules which makes game too synthetic? Admin abuse on server? Misleading community? If so then join Official Purist PvP Discord

Discord: Purist Server

Server launch in EU (Possibly US too depending on demand) with almost pure official server pvp settings with few tweaks:

Clan size: 5

Target Lock: Disabled

Raid 2h Daily 19:00-21:00 EU Time

REST DEFAULT (Same as Official PvP Servers)


No Cheating / Exploiting - Cheat perma bad, exploiting warning first

No Building Abuse - You can freely build but lag inducing bases would have to be toned down (don’t worry it will be message first with chance to adjust it)

NoHateSpeech - No Pure TOXICITY, racism or hatespeech - You can hover trash talk for example: “You are bad, i easily beat you!”

Server will have Beta 1 on 03.02.2023 and Beta 2 on 17.02.2023 then Season 1 Launch on 01.03.2023

Media designed by Kiki, message me for contact details if you need design work done!


There’s already one GIVEAWAY (DLC key of your choice excluding siptah)
Check Discord for more details!

When lucky person will get selected?
On monday 06.02 (16:00 CET) so all entries to draw must be submitted by that time.


Checking out Beta 1 tomorrow as soon as I wake up!