[EU/PvE-C] Legacy of Siptah

I would like to briefly introduce the server mentioned in the headline

Information about the server

Map: The Isle of Siptah
Connect directly (copy and paste into the URL address bar of the browser)
steam://connect/ ← For Steam “Server” .

Current Status: Online

A medium sized soft-core PvP server for those who want to feel some adrenaline in addition to the rather undemanding PvE.

Mainly default settings

No modifications

Clan size is limited to 4
PvP is enabled daily from 17:00 to 22:00 CET .
Building damage disabled
Looting of workbenches and chests disabled
→ Your creativity shall not be limited by thieves, build as you like

07/13/2022 changed
Purge trigger rate has been adjusted to clan size.


  • No toxic behavior
  • Blocking larger resource nodes is not allowed
  • Blocking points of interest is not allowed
  • If you build in corridors or narrow passages, leave a passage free. If not, admin will come and create one.

Daily restart at 3am CET, will be announced beforehand.
Due to increased desync behavior of NPCs, the server now restarts 2x a day.
Restart times:

  • 4:55 CET
  • 16:55 CET

Discord Server for Server status, config infos, feedback possibilities or support to report players for rule violation: