[EU] New casual player oriented server - PVE-C Siptah

In preparation for the Age of Sorcery update I have set up a new server. The server is running since july 16th, and currently, there are only few players, means plenty of space to build.

Discord: Discord


  • Isle of Siptah Map
  • 2.5x Exp / 2.5x Harvest
  • 0.7x Thirst/Hunger
  • Days slightly longer, nights shorter
  • Player PVP active on weekends
  • Building damage disabled
  • Avatars disabled
  • Purge enabled
  • Storm enabled


  • Level 80 Cap
  • T4 thrall spawn chance increased by 20%
  • Less building placement restrictions
  • Hosav’s Custom UI Mod
  • Greater Camera Distance
  • Encumbrance_4x
  • Pippi admin mod
  • LitMan Item Stack & Container Size
  • Sorcery Pouch Tweaks


  • don’t be a dick
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IP address was updated because the server was moved to a different data center by G-Portal.

New IP address:

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