Siptah chill server started 13.5 - need new players to start fun and events

Hi i like to invite you to the server EU / CZ / SK SIPTAH server was created by the fact that I no longer enjoyed playing 3 - 5X rate and I wanted to play the expansion of siptah at ease and discover new things
//Rate 1X//
//Days and nights long//
//Pippi, hosav, fashionist mods - nothing breaks vanila experience//
//Server status and kill feed on discord//
//PVP open//
//2 bases 2 vaults + wheel of pain or fishtrap base//
//Active Admin//
//Raid time will come later//

more info about server on our discord if you interested msg me i will send server discord :slight_smile:

or just join server and discord link will be in chat window