LFG - fresh start, official, EU pve, casual

Hi - I’m looking for player or players to team up. Was thinking about PvE official servers, EU region. Casual play, I’m just tired/bored playing solo.
I’ve decent amount of play hours, so I can also help with learning the game. ENG or PL languages.

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Hello @Tweed! Name is Voc. I play on Official Siptah PvE Server #6436. It’s a NA PvE. We have an excellent community. We have a Discord for the server. Lots of Siptah relevant information organized and pinned into different channels. Very helpful group of people. If you decide to play on 6436, look for me in game!

Goodluck Exile!

Hello and thank you for kind invitation - sadly I don’t think I will be able to play on NA (ping/lag) nor do I plan to play on Siptah - map is really nice, but idk, it is just not for me.
Anyway - best of luck and once again - thank you for your kind words.

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