[EU] Soft PVP-Admins-Events-Rules-Wipe 11.01

Hello guys,

we set up our Vanilla Conan Exiles Server a few days ago and we want to introduce it to you.

Our main goal is to create a server, which is supported by an active Community, with exciting events, that includes a rule set to guarantee fun and fair play. To get more tension into the game we are planning to build in a political system.

Please have a look at the points below:


We are planning to regularly host events:

  • “Capture the Castle” where you have to conquer a NPC base
  • “The Battle of …” where two teams fight in a PvP battle
  • “The Way of the Champion” will be 1v1 PvP fights until there is only one player left
  • “Treasure-Hunt”
  • Attack and Defend where one team has to capture the base and one has to defend it
  • More to come

We are always happy for suggestions!

Server Rules:

The main goal of our rules is to keep the game soft PvP.

To sum it up:

  • Raid Times
  • No ganking
  • Reasonable and logical building system
  • No blocking of important paths, dungeons, ressources, biomes, …
  • 7 followers per base

We got an active admin team to enforce the rules

Political System:

We are currently working on a politically system for the server. In the end you will be able to see the areas claimed by Clans and alliances. This system will be implemented at a later point when the Clans are set up.

Server Restart Times:

  • Every day at 00:00 GMT, 06:00 GMT, 12:00 GMT and 18:00 GMT

The Community:

The Server is supported and maintained by TAW. A Gaming Community with 50+ games and 2000+ members.


Every player on our Server is invited to join our Discord for general talk or if you need to contact an admin. Join our Discord, link will be send by interest.

If you are interested feel free to join us anytime. The direct connect is currently not working but here is the name of our server: "[EU] Soft PVP-Admins-Events-Rules-Wipe 11.01".

Feel free to add us on Steam if you have questions or can’t find the server.



We are looking forward to play with you :slight_smile:

Hi there. We have some great new news.

Our server population is growing faster than we thought. Because of that, we are now able to start our first server event at the 3rd of february.

If you are interested, feeld free to join us on the server or on discord. I am allowed to give very few details, but there will be an epic battle with great loot for our server community AND EXTRA XP :wink:

Bump. PVP events this weekend