Event Log Player names: yay or nay?

I also think that just hiding or showing the names won’t be a straight fix to the problem. As it is, with names on the log, I see it as like hunter Conan inspecting the damage and deducing who attacked him. Like they left traces that you can discover. Though I also like someone else’s idea of that the attack is only in the log if something or someone survived to tell the tale, like a thrall or something. A full wipe, and there would be no witnesses or evidence.


Dev Team please DO NOT put the names back on the logs. I would hope you have seen a huge increase in population with the last patch. Many great changes with one of them being the names taken off of the event log. Knowing a player destroyed your stuff and not faulty game mechanics is all anyone needs to know.

An all knowing event log in a PVP survival game was a horrible idea to begin with and only caters to the alpha guild population. They are the minority when it comes to player population as a whole but the majority when it comes to server and game issues.

I doubt it was intended that big guilds can join a server take it over and move to the next one leaving behind their base and an all knowing log that tells them whats going on when none of them log in for more than a minute to check said logs. They can ruin the gameplay of everyone else who lives on those servers and if anything is done to their assets they leave behind they can cry on voice comms and login ten friends.The only people who want this put back into the game is the alpha guild population and they are ruining the game and the online server population.


This is completely ridiculous; You’re on a PvP server so EVERYONE is engaged in PVP.

It doesn’t matter if someone has been casually stealing - Why should the owners instantly know who the culprits are? Why can’t I steal your loot that you’ve carelessly left in the open without you knowing?

If you’re not online and you get raided, well that isn’t the raiders problem. You’re aware of the raid windows and should be available to defend your base.

The names provide people who SHOULDN’T be playing on PvP servers a reason to exist on them.

Let not forget the extra drama and PvP dynamics NOT having the names displayed add to the server’s PvP dynamics. Sometimes the servers community drama and dynamic are the most interesting and exciting part of playing Conan Exiles. After all it’s a sandbox survival game and NOT Minecraft.


If you like pvp and if you wanna fight like you said. Why are you afraid about Name Shown" !

You should not play on a pvp server if you are afraid of the consequences of your actions and the war.

And again, it does not help at all solo players and people who play little, my girlfriend just connected, she was raid while she was offline.
Before what motivated her was to rebuild for revenge and recover her objects but now she even more want to play, what’s the point?
and me as a big player, I have no choice but to attack anything that moves, all the low level, all the bases that I come across because they can all be the person who will raid me. Before I avoided attacking the small level.
There were real, enemies, friends, life…

Pvp is not just destroy everything we see, it’s interactions between players if not as much play in PVE.
The servers have no soul now and I lose the desire to play, destroy strangers is not really fun and can not be revenge either.
This is a game, it must provide pleasure not frustration.

Pls do something and Fast !


Thank you @Tascha for this post :stuck_out_tongue:I’ll share it :slight_smile:

@Tascha I suggest you make recent created accounts to be unable to vote, just to prevent spamming that would alter the real score.

So your logic is without the logs you will just grief everyone on the server? How stupid is that?

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Would be fine on a PvP server. Sounds like healthy conflict instead of everyone allied to the alphas.

@Tascha I agree with Shadoza that it would be wrong to discount votes from new accounts. Some of my friends who are not active on this forum have logged in specifically to vote on this topic as it is something they feel very strongly about (you asked us to share with friends after all). These guys are very active Conan players and I don’t see why their vote should be any less important than anyone else’s.

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actually, I’m not sure how I feel about the event log, it’s too much information for sure, but I played without it before. Steam Id’s should not be shown in the player list tho. Even a bigger problem is no clan name in the overhead tag. If you could see the name from a farther distance and what clan would be a huge pvp advantage. To much time asking what name such and such, who’s this, combat turns into a poke fest with everyone stabbing each other

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What i dont understand is - all of the poll results show people prefer having names shown. Why were they made anonymous?

Its just a temporary block, to prevent one to create several accounts in a row to spam vote, the new recent created account can’t vote for 24h lets say, after that they would be able to.

In the server I play there’s an alpha clan with several alliances who throw an avatar on anyone who steals anything from one of their many many bases, then proceed to wipe them from the server.

So, in my view people who want the event log to show the player’s name should go play on PVE servers, since they are obviously afraid of losing their stuff and not being able to punish and threaten solo players or small clans who dare to mess with then.


To sum this up a bit, I see people coming from two standpoints that actually want player names on the event log.

  • People arguing that you need to ensure people are not making any “cowardly” moves on PvP servers.

  • People who want to keep it as a logistical helper to manage their many outposts without much effort.

Regarding the first argumental cluster, I think it is understandable that you want to minimize the frustration of being offline raided or stolen from. For this purpose however the event log is lie using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Maybe this is also an argument that is coming from players, who don’t know how to (ab)use the full potential of the log. On the one hand you just want to know who stole your stuff while you were offline. What you get however is a tool that is allowing you to livetrack WHO is raiding/opening containers of your clan and that with the exact location WHERE the incidents happened and from which CLAN the attackers are. This is an incredible amount of intelligence that literally allows a big clan to effortlessly handle a vast amount of careless farmbases and trash can vaults.

Regarding the second group, those people are probably organised in big clans and don’t want to be dragged out of their comfort zone. These players are fully aware of the potential of the log and want to keep it that way. I don’t think that making the game easier for people who think they own a whole server is going well when balancing PvP. It should be clear that this tool is shifting the powers in favor of huge clans and big alliances. In addition to this, experienced players also know how to avoid getting tracked on the log. Consider this please, because a lot of people think it is necessary to know who took something to combat exploiters. In truth however the exploiters and pro-players are the ones most likely not to be tracked, while the more casual players suffer all negative effects.

I personally think that gathering intelligence is part of the PvP aspect of the game and not just man-to-man-duells and ‘raiders at the doors, defenders at the walls’ combats. Having such a detailed log is cutting a whole aspect from the game and providing too much comfort to already well established groups of players.

And here I am not even mentioning the social impliactions. It is obvious that the combination of event log and player list is inspiring harassment even beyond the game. I also don’t see why people should have a right to know if a chinese player or a russian or a ‘good-european-fellow’ raided you.

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So whats the différence without Name? They Will just wipe everyone who are not ally… when i’m new to a server i’m not stupid i do not attack the alpha clan as long as i’m not ready to do it and they do not attack me either. Now without the names they attack everyone. it looks like your only goal in removing the names is to be able to steal fish and destroy wheel of pain… sorry but that’s not the pvp … if you are a real pvp player you sould be proud when your Name is shown.

I have read this argument now many times here. Can you explain how they would even know who everyone is without the log? There is literally no way to attack everyone on a server without a log helping me to find out whom to search for. Second thing is, why do you think it is something bad to have clans fighting against each other? Do you really think the status quo (all clans allied) is a good state for a PvP server?

I also don’t like the message here. You are saying that total submission to an allknowing big-brother alpha clan is the only way to go because the alternative is … what actually? Alphas taking revenge for not knowing everything? Live with the one terrible thing, because else it could be worse? Sounds a bit childish to be honest.

No alliance is eternal, it is all pleasure!

it goes from "you do not touch my wheel to the slaves I do not touch yours to a real alliance against an alpha clan precisely.

it there are betrayals, declarations of war, discussions.
without the names there are no more communities and no more Real pvp.

I repeat that pvp means player against player and not “I expect you to be offline so I can attack and you’ll never know it’s me.”

again if you are afraid of the consequences of your attacks it is that you are afraid of the pvp. if you are afraid that alpha clans know you are attacking them, it will be worse without the names since you will necessarily be an enemy.

Removing names does not help anyone, the community, the game, the solo players, or the pvp.

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Can you explain still how that will work? I really can’t follow this argument.

Oh and btw as I said. I can avoid getting tracked on the log. All this talk about betrayal is only working if you have a silent agreement with all your friend clans that no one will bypass the log.

Just for argument’s sake can anybody suggest to me another survival PVP game that’s successful and has an event log?

I agree, should be conan name, clan name. And have it be from a little further, not much. maybe 16 foundations worth? I think now i have to smell their breath just to tag them :slight_smile:

Maybe a compromise is
No PSN/Steam/Xbox ID on player lits
No player names on evetn log
Clan name above avatar name
have to have a clan name. no numbers. If you don’t have a clan name, then a solo’s avatar name is defaulted to their structures.

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