Executioner's Hood


After 20+ Frangments of power, Axes, and swords I finally got my hood drop!!!

Out of curiosity, has anybody been successful with receiving the executioner’s hood drop on PS4? I have attempted over 30 times, and have yet been successful. Can’t seem to get a confirmation from any of the people on my servers to acknowledge any issues with that.

Thanks in advance if you have been successful over the past week or two.

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Funny you should ask. Ive been trying for it too and have been unsuccessful on ps4 since last fall. I DID have it many patches ago and I don’t know the drop rate, so we might just be experiencing variance, but know you are not alone.


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On Ps4 and I have several. Even dropped two of them one time.
Edit. Ops. :stuck_out_tongue: Noticed you asked if dropped during last two weeks then no but have not tried either. Pretty sure it have dropped since last patch though.

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haven’t played for a couple of months, but just before I stopped I got 3 in about 10 tries. Was before the latest patch(es), so don’t know if they changed or effed up something.

I managed to get the hangman’s cap quite a few times by trying an adequate number of times

I have gotten two in the last two months from running it periodically. This is on a private PS4 server. Sounds like you are having a case of really bad luck. May fortune favor you in the days ahead.


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