Weathered Skulls Not Dropping

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Problem: [ Bug ]
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I have recently come to the realisation that Weathered Skulls are no longer dropping while I wad trying to harvest some additional ones. I have tried to harvest them with a variety of tools and tiers. I tried to use a hatchet (of course), a pick, a pickaxe, skinning knife and cleaver. I also tried to use several different tiers, such as Iron, Starmetal and Legendaries. Unfortunately to no avail. Over the course of several play sessions, I have been unable to yield any Weathered Skulls. I wouldnt say that this bug is urgent by any means. However, I just thought I would let you all know. :slightly_smiling_face:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Kill human NPCs
  2. Attempt to harvest Weathered Skulls using a wide selection of tools and tiers
  3. Yield no Weathered Skulls as a result

i never got em from humans, only skeletons 8/

I’ve never gotten a skull from a human, other than a wild one maybe from in their inventory. But skulls drop from undead, skeletons, etc. use cleaver, (least that’s what I use)

Apparently, it’s not a bug, it’s a change. I have a full stack of skulls in one of my storage chests and they all came from humans. It worked best when using a cleaver. Now, they don’t drop from humans anymore and I was surprised to hear that the only way to get them was from skeletons. And even that seems to be slow, compared to what I used to get from humans.


Hey @Croms_Faithful, to clarify on this matter it’s not actually an issue, but an intentional change that was introduced some patches ago, towards the beginning of last year.


Hello Hugo. Boy am I behind the times on this one. I must say that I am somewhat depressed by this revelation (jokingly). I used to enjoy collecting the Skulls from the human opponents I vanquished in battle. However, after obtaining three full stacks I thought to myself perhaps that is enough and I should ease up on this storage consuming hobby. However, recently I felt the need to take it up again. While Im not sure that Skeletons will offer up the same malevolent satisfaction as they all look similar, I am relieved to hear that is one less bug you peoples have to worry about. :grinning: Thankyou for the clarification Hugo.


Another good farming info is that the skeleton warriors on Kings Niche and the silent legion palace give you skulls easier than the other skeletons. However, if you farm skeletons in the unnamed city, use your skining knife, or alls you will get a lot of putrid meat. Pick gives you putrid meat, bones and occasionally skulls. Skining knife only skulls or nothing. Cleaver and axe mostly putrid meat.


…besides,how many ya need ya creep! 8P


Just tested this yesterday and I would recommend using the skinning knife on the skeletons, instead of a cleaver. Not only did I get more skulls using the knife, I also didn’t have to drop lootbags full of putrid meat every two steps :stuck_out_tongue:


Also a guaranteed farm of skull is to use shefs cleaver, the one that you take from the human cook boss on the pirate station, to the boss in the unnamed city that gives you the predatory blade. If you use the normal cleaver it will give you its head, but if you use chefs cleaver it will give you skull.

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It is a grinding game. The most you farm you don’t realy need, however if you deside to fix skeleton thralls for change, or decorate a little scary, some rooms of your facility, they are useful. Sometimes i farm 3 chests of gold bars, do i need them :wink:?


Well…in addition to my now 3 existing stacks, the upright Skulltaker posts and the shelves lined with them, hmmmm…more!! Maybe I will try to fill a crate or a large chest. What can I say, I have long been an advocate of more brutality in the game, and I like to display trophies of my kills. Now if only I had a handful of other options.

How many you ask? This might do it. :smiling_imp: :metal:




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