Items not dropping

Game mode:[ Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug , Misc]

[I noticed that spiders weren’t dropping gossamers but not being able to mine it was probably intended.I don’t know if should make a separate post but it’s a related issue.I also noticed that sand reapers were no longer dropping toxic sand reaper glands.I was using a hatchet in both cases.My theory is when in doubt what to harvest with, go with the hatchet.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.kill spiders or sand reapers and get no gossamer or glands

Hello @Spacetime, thank you for pointing this out!

We’ll forward the issue to the developers so that it can be looked into.

Thanks with you not being able mine gossamer,funcom attempt to make me grind more.Like increasing blood trasmute from 2 oil to 50 was probably intentional but spiders not dropping gossamers since all spiders produce silk and reapers not droping glands probably was not likely purposely done so I reported it.

Hugo I suffer from dementia really bad,my memory ain’t good at all.I clicked on link to a video while there watching video for you on YouTube trying to help you figure out what happened to my Set altar.The info is probably old,but discovered you harvest large amounts of gossamers using a sickle,but I forgot about it though,but the video reminded me of it.The skinning knife and hatchet don’t seem to be netting nothing,I never tried the cleaver.So I tried the sickle trick ,it only netted me 5 gossamers.I only got harvest one spider though.Even though I forgot what I learned it used to net about 50 gossamers off one spider.I’ll do more research and get back with you.

No problem at all @Spacetime, we really appreciate the time you’re taking sharing your concerns with us and reporting back your findings!

Here is some preliminary data:no method works at netting gossamers except the old sickle trick.I don’t know the names of these spiders ,one is black with a red stripe,reminds me a little of a Australian black widow and other is yellow and white, with yellow and red bands around its legs,and the pattern on abdomen reminds of a spider called a Banana spider oddly,is the kind of spiders I did the research on.The method was archeronian sickle.The new archeronian stuff nets more than star metal.results:I netted between 11 and 12 a time and averaged about 22 to 24 per spider,but that’s the only method that seems to work.The spiders that remind you of tarantullas always did drop less than other spiders,so I think data on spiders like that will be different,but the sickle seems to be only method that works which is strange.Haven’t got the chance to experiment with the sand reapers to see what deal with them is yet.

Check my data I gathered on the spiders.Look in the topic.

Well the reaper data: the sickle trick works but to affraid to try other methods since there are less of them and harder to kill and had a reaper boss trying to kill me.Hope you see the spider data.

Thank you for posting your findings, it’s definitely expected that certain tools work better than others for gathering certain materials, so it seems to be working as intended.

Well you wouldn’t expect an unorthodox method like the sickle,the be the extraction method.I assume this was done to make people slave and grind,and act as a limiter?I bought every DLC ,even though I am poor.I hope Funcom don’t wear my patience to thin,because it’s a love/hate relationship with Conan Exiles to start with.I guess we’ll see how much patience I really got since Funcom likes to test it.

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