What's Happened with Gossamer..?

I used to be able to harvest those gossamer “nodes” with the pick and get the gossamer/web to make silk but since the recent patches it’s not working.

Now when I try and harvest the same stuff, the same way I am getting nothing at all and I need to make more silk.

Can someone please tell me what has changed…


Hey I collect gossamer by just pressing the interact button not woth the pick have you tried that?

Use a sickle.


Ok, I’ll try them both, up till now I have always used the pick cuz I got more than hand picking. Thankyou both, will go try…

Well it seems what changed was the collection method. Using a pick no longer works. Doing it by hand works tho and so does the sickle. You get much more with the sickle tho.

Guess I am the dope for not trying other ways of collecting. I had always been using the pick so didn’t think to try anything else :(.

Thanks again to you both…

This, Sickle will gather them better then picking them up.

Yeah, I just found that out, thanks :slight_smile:

Didn’t make much sense to be harvesting silk with a pick anyway. :wink:

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Well I was, and was getting a lot too. I guess it came from harvesting spiders with the pick to get the ichor and found I was getting gossamer as well so kept using it… Anyway, I can’t anymore so it doesn’t matter :slight_smile:

Yeah, they changed it. It was in the patch notes: “It is no longer possible to harvest Eggs and Gossamer using picks or other tools - the exception to this is Sickles, which can be used to gather Gossamer now”

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I actually did read thru the patch notes, but obviously missed that part. Guess I’ll have to read em again :slight_smile:

You can collect the nodes by hand too…

Last time I played Conan you collected silk off spiders…

Yeah I know, thx. That’s why I had been using the pick on the nodes cuz I was getting it from spiders using a pick. Wondered why I stopped getting it from spiders, now I know…

I just really wish they would fix this stupid “bending” bug. The one where you can’t look up or down, it makes it impossible to harvest some things. Like now I can’t harvest corpses with the Mitra Ankh cuz I can’t “bend” to do it… real annoying.

When that happens, just kill yourself. For whatever reason, that seems to fix the “bending” bug for the rest of the session. I’d recommend putting down a bedroll first before removing the bracelet if you don’t have any nearby of course. :wink:

I’ve made it a habit to go into first person and look down as the very first thing I do after I get logged in. That way I know right away if the bug is active or not and can take action accordingly. (In case you’re not aware, if you can see through your character’s body doing that it means the bug is active.) A little annoying, but it gets the problem out of the way right then and there. Plus, you know, you can chop up your own body for a religious item and some meat if that’s your thing.

Yeah I wondered why I could see inside myself, didn’t link it to the bug tho. It just seems to come and go when it pleases and it IS very annoying.

I had read that logging out, then back in works but only seems to work sometimes. Will remember the suicide one tho, thankyou very much :slight_smile:

Sickle why didnt i think of that i learned something

You collect more off the spiders using the sickles.

Ok, thx. I usually use the pick for the Ichor, never tried a sickle on them.

The most effective way to collect lots of gossamer is using a sickle on the spider egg nodes that can be found in e.g. the Silkwood or the cliffs south of the big spider near Spinebreaker’s Flank, or in many caves inhabited by spiders.

The easiest way ot get ichor is cooking unappetizing fish. You can get tons of those with just a few fish traps.

I very rarely bother to harvest spiders these days. I just kill them to death and continue whatever I was doing.

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Sickle now works for glowing goop too. I used to just use a pick, but that no longer works.