Harvesting Gossamer with Sickle: found a few nodes that dont work

I found a handful of gossamer nodes that cant be harvested with the sickle inside scuttler’s shortcut.

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If you could take some screenshots for reference, I think that would be helpful :slight_smile:


it could be helpful to get the co-ordinates of the nodes that can’t be harvested.
Note: whilst doing what I suggest below, ensure you are safe from enemies as you can’t fight effectively with the co-ordinates on screen. Also I’d advise using the right-hand alt key as that’s not bound to the roll-backward command.

If you hold down: alt ctrl shift l then the co-ordinates of where you are in the game come up on screen with a prompt to use ctrl c to copy them and you can paste them to a text/word file or into the forums. Press alt ctrl shift l again to deactivate the co-ordinates on screen.

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Aren’t sickle for harvesting plants, can’t you use your hands.

Thanks @Multigun and @Kwalya. I didn’t have the time to get a screenshot at the time but i will try to when i go next.

I was able to pick them up with my hands but the idea is to use the sickle so that you harvest more.

They did an update to allow sickle harvesting of them, which gives way more gossamer


Yes, that’s why I went to check it out . . . after the update

Try crouching when you swing, and see if that makes a difference. Swing tool, and then immediately press the button to crouch.

Depending on the character body (male, female, height slider), the collision box of the said gossamer resource, and the height and terrain where the node is placed, sometimes crouching is required in order to make contact with the node to collect it.

While this is a pain, it does seem to unfortunately be a requirement. Alternatively, any gossamer nodes that you cannot manage to hit with your pick or sickle animation - you can also collect by pressing the E key (though you do not get nearly as much yield).

Honestly, i swung at it from all angles. I didn’t try crouching so I will do that. If it is the collision box though, that is an issue that would need fixing regardless.

Here are the coordinates:

TeleportPlayer -52654.921875 58230.722656 -14927.345703

TeleportPlayer -54335.984375 60020.910156 -15404.44043

Crouching while swinging the sickle did work and i was able to harvest them. :slight_smile:


Thanks @Thea for providing the coordinates, we’ll send them to our team :slight_smile:

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Did you try a pick? That’s what I’ve always used for Gossamer.

As of the recent update, gossamer can no longer be harvested with a pick. By hand or wih a sickle is the only thing that should work now.

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there are a number of ground based resources that have terrible hit boxes. Lots of plants are somewhat burried into the ground and near impossible to hit with a tool. I think this must be similar with the gossamer. But they are almost always reachable when just using hands to pick.


Yes, i would say i experience the same thing @sirvink. Most of the time with stuff i dont especially need so i dont mention it.


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