Exiled Empires, New 4x Resources, 3x XP RP PvP Server

Exiled Empires is a new, 18+ RP-PvP server with 4x Resources and 4x XP. As a new server, it is open with lots of building potential.

While this is RP-PvP, I have deliberately created an RP framework that lets non-roleplayers simply play Conan, though they are expected to respect roleplayers and to not complain if RP mechanics (such as larger raids) hit them upside the head.

The basic storyline is that players pick between being Vaenir Settlers (with some special mechanics) and Exiles (basically everyone else who adhere to regular server rules). The Vaenir Settlers are now under siege/struggling to survive due to absent/uncaring Gods and must strive against each other and the Exiles. While there are two factions, I have allowed for movement between the factions (Exiles can be given citizenship, Vaenir can be declared outlaws). Also, Vaenir lords and Exile Tribes can go to war with each other.

I am a huge believer in player-driven, open-world RP. I have created a framework and some basic mechanics, but from there I leave players free to build their own empires, forge alliances, and fight wars as they see fit. I will create unique server events and participate in some RP, but largely my role is to ensure that the server remains free of toxicity, hackers and other trouble makers. I want the players in my server to feel that THEY control the destiny of the server and the story.

Feel free to come and check it out. My goal is to create a fun, player driven world that captures the beauty, brutality, honor and betrayal of the greatest fantasy stories ever written.

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