The Exiled [RP-PvP][NA/EU][PC only]

Please click the image for the full view, it has a comprehensive list of detail about our server.

The Exiled is currently the oldest and longest continuously running RP server for Conan Exiles. We have been around since day 1 of Early Access Launch and don’t plan on going anywhere any time soon.
Please visit browse our server ruleset, and apply. Feel free to contact Arinoth directly if you have any questions at all, either through Enjin, or through discord Arinoth#4701


Really well run server, great admin team, great role-play community.

Amazing server with wonderful, mature community and great team.

Our own server expired and we were looking at information about the exiled (saw some names we remembered from way back), but enjin has recently become defunct. Do you have an alternate website to hop to your discord?

This forum will not let me send links (thanks, Funcom), so you can contact me on Discord if you would like and I will send you one to The Exiled RP-PVP server’s Discord from there.


You will need to submit a ticket under “feedback and help” in it and answer some question to complete your registration before you are able to play. Make sure you have a concept for what character you would like to play already in mind, including a name for the admins to register.