Exiles forum revamp

Hi! As you may have noticed, the Exiles forum has had a facelift recently. The goal of this update is to reduce clutter on the Exiles forum frontpage and open specific sections for each platform to make things easier to track and report.

The revamp is not 100% complete as of this writing (we still need to migrate some topics to their new, appropriate sections), but it’s mostly done.

Changelog here: Conan Exiles forum facelift

Let me know what you think/rip my work apart here :adnyplz:


pretty tidy, nice
since mods are officially supported feature, maybe mods discussion corner might find it’s way to official forums? just a thought


We’ve certainly considered it; if there is enough demand for a whole separate modding section, we can do so.


I’m loving the changes so far, especially the subforums dedicated to bugs :smiley:

I do have one minor complaint and one question. The complaint is about the breadcrumbs on top, i.e. these:

Those used to include “Conan Exiles”, so I could click on that and see all the latest Conan Exiles topics. After the changes, some topics have it and others have not. For example, this one doesn’t. Can we make sure all topics have it?

EDIT: I figured it out. The breadcrumbs get collapsed when I scroll down. It would be nicer if they didn’t :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face: but I can live with pressing Home before clicking.

The question is about the “Servers and Recruitment” category. It says it will be “retired soon”. Will the bookmarks for posts in that section still work once it’s retired? To clarify, I don’t mean browser bookmarks, but the ones implemented by the forum software.


Your bookmarks should be fine? That’s a good question actually. If you’re saving threads by the actual topic URL then you’re fine, as the actual URL of each topic will not change.

Is it the intent that we should now report bugs in “PC discussion” for PC?
Or did you guys gave up on having a dedicated section for bug reports because people will post anywhere anyway?

Are these not visible to you? I checked the settings and they should be visible to all and open to posting.


Ok i didn’t understand how it really worked :smiley:
Yeah with the 2 layers of subsection everything becomes more clear indeed. Wasn’t obvious at first while browsing on phone (I was just assuming the forum was broken and showing a redundant combobox).
Thanks Andy!!!


Sure thing, sorry for the confusion!

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Sorry, I was talking about these:

But you kinda answered my question anyway: it sounds like the section isn’t being moved or deleted, just hidden.


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Oh my bad, yeah, the actual bookmarking feature of the forums :sweat_smile:

Yeah, the actual URL of the thread won’t change, so you should be able to access the topic anyway. We’ll do our best to recategorize as many of the existing Server/Clan threads as possible, and we won’t delete the category, it’ll just be delisted.

Any specific threads that we miss that need to be moved can always be done so individually if someone lets us know.

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Everything is changed, it looks more beautiful and if the change helps you to have everything more organized, great.


I’m lost. Is this Oz? I’ll have two double cheeseburgers and a med fry please.


Quick update: Updated patch notes icons and added console brand logos to the Xbox and PS icons to make it easier to tell apart, hopefully.


I want the old forum back!!!
I have 10000h on this forum and I find this new system outrageous! Forum is dead now. Look at the charts!!! Me and my mate will go post an another forum unless Funcom decides to nerf the notifications.


:bug:Bug’s Bug’s. Wondered how long it would take for you to stamp big feet on them. @Halk .

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Sorry, in the name of all that don’t like change, I couldn’t resist the opportunity :slight_smile:


Wait which Oz. You mean This timeless classic?


Yes. Yes I do.


The forum needs animation canceling…

darth runs and shuts the door…