Why do tested patches behave so unpredictably?

Im more concerned with seeing improvements made than anything else. Disregard my questions then, except the one about avoiding my concern, that would technically be considered,’ inaction’. Am i allowed to ask that my concern receives attention?

FC testing and live console play are two seperate environments. The addition of patches to the two different environments has two different results. Patches will continue to produce unexpected results untill the two environments are more compatible.

This results in a negative experience, frequently. Some players experience decays while unable to log, most often resulting in loss of all structures and stowed items. FC holds no responsibility.

FC controls its own testing parameters. FC can address the testing environment impact. Console players could have a better experience. FC could enjoy a more content consumer demographic in console players. Improvements could be made. Negative impact could be lessened, possibly avoided altogether.

I do not understand why this is not addressed. I do not understand why it is allowed to continue. I do not understand the avoidance of a valid suggestion that could improve console experience for thousands upon thousands of players.

Give us a real QoL update. Address the testing parameters.

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You have been extremely rude from the beginning and yet @Cattibria was nice enough to show your post immediate attention. Demanding that Funcom or the moderators of this forum succumb to your will is not going to result in changes to the testing system or any other system.

Sometimes sugar works better then vinegar, or so I’ve heard. If you truly want changes implemented, than start by changing your attitude. Creating a topic that is discussed and liked by other members on the forum is the best way to show Funcom your opinion on a specific issue. But make no mistake, it is Funcom’s game, not yours, and you are lucky that they have allowed you to share your opinion with them via this platform.


@Cattibria did nothing but clarify what she had posted when i referenced it. Nothing more.

My will be damned. I have a valid suggestion for a process that impacts an awful amount of people negatively. It is being completely ignored by those responsible for forwarding suggestions and assisting the community.

I have been very cordial all along, im not trying to give any reasons to flag me or remove my posts or thread. I carefully plan what i wish to say and avoid offending if at all possible.

My attirude is acceptable, as nothing i have posted is flaggable. I am merely asking for the moderators to perform their job tasks, by creating a topic. This FCs game, 100% correct. FC makes all decisions and ultimately decides the experience we participate in. And this forum exists as a tool. Almost every company has one. Even vacuum clearner companies have forums.

Your post is aggressive in nature and serves only as an attack. Thank you for your contribution. Good day Sir!

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Well they have testlive, which nobody plays, except the ones who want to know what is new and what can be abused in PvP.

But I agree with you. I don’t understand what is so hard in the task to create an official server, take a copy of ANY database (preferably high population one) and get some internal testers to play privately on it for a month. Then open it for the public and do a “public test” with players.

Also have community members observe and analyze the PvP scene in Conan to understand how the game is played and what is currently OP/unbalanced and needed (counter mechanics for example).

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So he is lucky to have freedom of speech?

Perhaps “extremely rude” should be replaced with “demanding to see the manager” and “lucky that they allowed you to share your opinion” might be replaced with “apparently unaware that these forums come with no obligation to pay attention to you” :slight_smile:

I’ve seen this kind of behavior before, and I thought I might shut up and stay away for once, but I guess I don’t have enough willpower for that. So here we go.

Yeah, Funcom’s QA practices can most generously be described as “far from ideal but trying to improve”. Major releases almost always feature at least one major bug, and regressions are not uncommon. Folk wisdom among veteran players is “wait for the dust to settle after a major release”, which tells you all you need to know.

It’s been 3 years now and process improvements that players can see have been few and far between, but there have been some. For example, the communication around bug reports has improved significantly, especially since the forum revamp. Another significant improvement was around the format and detail level of the patch notes. Yet another has been Funcom’s adjustment of policy on how long a major patch should stay on TestLive, and their tracking of TestLive bugs, and documentation of known issues resulting from unfixed TestLive bugs.

Is there room for more improvement? As I already said, the current state of the matters is far from ideal, at best. So yeah, it needs to improve.

How do we accomplish that? We, uh, don’t. Not exactly.

We can post our suggestions and hope they’ll see them and relay them to the team. We can even hope that they’ll tell us when they’ve relayed it. But that’s as far as that goes.

@WeWantImprovements, if you think they’ll see your thread and come here to have a conversation with you, you might as well give up now. Seriously, no matter how much you don’t like it, that ain’t gonna happen, period. I’m not really in the mood to explain why that’s perfectly reasonable, especially since your previous thread doesn’t give me much hope that you’ll listen.

For what it’s worth, I agree with you that they need to improve, and I like that your original post in this thread was polite, level-headed, and reasonable. But you really won’t accomplish anything by demanding their attention. I’m not saying this as an attack. Take it as advice, or as a description of their track record if you don’t like advice.


I apologize if my post came across as an attack, that was not my intent. My intention was to explain why your current method was not going to accomplish your goal and to suggest an alternate route.

Yes, you are allowed to ask, does that mean it will receive attention? NO.

You say your “will be damned” yet nothing short of Funcom doing it your way is acceptable to you. For example:

You have received TWO posts from a moderator, your topic is hardly ‘being ignored.’ It has likely been forwarded already but you seem to think they owe you some sort of explanation about what they are doing or how they do it. Inserting yourself into someone else’s business is extremely rude.

This has absolutely nothing to do with freedom of speech, I am sorry if you can’t see that. FYI many countries do not get to enjoy true freedom of speech and last I checked, the internet does not reside in one specific county. The rules of this forum stated in the ‘Community Guidelines’ need to be followed (although the guidelines have become very elusive and I can’t find them at the moment).

  • EDIT: Perhaps @Cattibria will be kind enough to message me a working link to the guidelines, my old link no longer works.
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I am not Cattibria but did you mean this


Yes @Melcom, that is the link that no longer works for me. :sob:

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My link too ?

I clicked your link, takes me to ‘this page no longer exists or has been made private’

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What can I say, I am a dog person too :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Always there for us thank you m8 :+1:t6:

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If you’re talking about Melcom’s avatar, that’s not just any dog, that’s Idéfix (or Dogmatix in English), from Astérix comics. I love Astérix almost as much as I love Gaston Lagaffe.

I apologize for the off-topic post, but every time I see it, I wanna gush about it and I’ve never had an excuse to do so before :smiley:


I see nothing suggested as an alternative to my current tack. You seem to be suggesting that i just give up my task.

I am an able minded adult, you do not need to explain to me the difference between what i requested, and what you are attempting to dictate i intended.

I merely ask that my suggestion to add quality to CE be accepted as any other suggestion, like adding coconuts or ziplines as content. Except my suggestion dosent lead to any negative experience for players. Im not asking to unbalance game play, adding or removing some element of play because it affects some peiple. I am speaking about improvements to functionality. Period.

How in the name of Crom can you know what i am willing to accept? I make no demands. I command nothing or noone. You assume too much.

I have received two moderate post. 100 % correct. You have successfully counted up to 2! 1st mod post was to clarify what catibria had posted in my last thread. 2nd post was to tell me to not openly speak about mod actions. Actions they perform openly and in full view of everyone. Seems shady, thanks for bringing it up.

I have seen posts suggesting all sorts of silly content additions, nerf requests, weapon changes, etc. receive moderator replies, forwarding those suggestions to the appropriate FC personnel. I only ask for the same considerations. Nothing more.

The moderators ignore the suggestion and topic, but not the thread. Been here, only performed post actions.

Inserting oneself into the dealings of another, is rude, very rude…and often it makes oneslf look foolish and ill prepared…good day!

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Actually yes, yes he is. This is a private forum run by a private company. Everyone who chooses to use this forum is very lucky to be granted the freedom to speak on this forum and can have that freedom revoked at any time if they violate the guidelines such as the ones already linked in this thread. Is that seriously hard to comprehend?