Suggestion to fix console edition

Do some testing before releasing patches.

As a player, i feel screwed and slapped in the face every time FC updates CE. As a consumer, i feel robbed and ignored.

Every update adds a new problem or revives old ones, over and over and over and over and over again. There is obviously 0 testing done. Patch is released and the players spend half their time filling reports. Its disgusting. Why does FC continue to choose 0 testing? It has a very negative impact on the player base.

Added CE to Game Pass on XB, players surged big time. The current game issues drove most of them away…back to lower numbers already…i just hope none of the new players were duped into buying dlc. Getting robbed sucks.

“Fix the game” by making it lag like it is loading from a wooden 14k modem. Then release it for free play…what kind of experience did FC expect players to have with a totally muffed up game? Just scratching for dlc sales. If FC tested patches, they wouldnt hurt their own reputation so badly by destroying console each time a patch is released. It is just sad to see something i used to enjoy, in such a state. Like seeing a pretty ex girlfriend who has been in a horrible accident, repeatedly…shes going skydiving next week…

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Game is tested before updates are released, both internally and through testlive.

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Console has no test live system, just PC friend.

There is no way they test console content. This is my assumption anyway. Based on what is broken each time we get a patch. No way patches have been tested, they wouldnt destroy the game each time one is added. FC moderators wouldnt be “passing that information to our dev team” everytime a new bug is reported. The dev team would know about, at least, some of the bugs if console patches were tested. Testing is where bugs are discovered, if testing was done dugs wouldnt make it into released patches, at least not in bulk like we get. Page after page of bug reports for a tested patch? No friend, i feel you are mistaken…

You may want to take a closer look at testlive patch notes. And consoles are tested internally. If they weren’t, there wouldn’t be any updates as they have to pass MS and Sony certification before being released to the general public. You also have to remember Funcom are fairly small compared to other game companies,

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I hope to not offend, but my opinion differs still. Based on the previous points i made. I appreciate your input though.

All good. If you’re curious developers actually use dev only versions of consoles that allows them to get familiar with the hardware, allows programming etc.

If they were tested properly then things like the time all the thralls would not stop coughing was fixed the fact that the players speech was broken in the same patch would have been picked up on. (And is still broken, thus rendering the voice selection in character creation moot)

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My feelings are similar. You dont have to be one of the Hardy Boys to figure this mystery out. FC does 0 console testing. No 2 ways about it. Remember when an update for XB removed all player profiles from all official servers for over 24 hours? Mighty big bug. Didnt the testers notice? Cause every player noticed their; toon, thralls, bases, everything missing…yeah…0 testing

I could not agree more with the op.
Thought I could play this until the next great game, nah.
Thralls are too broken.
Any tester would see this within minutes.

The issue is it’s impossible for them to test something to the extent we as players do. There are so many variables involved. So an issue that quickly becomes apparent to the player base may not be easily replicated on a test server.

For example nearly all PvE-C servers have been down for 3.5 months on PlayStation. But they are unable to pinpoint the root cause.

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If there is Console testing, its done very badly. “Or” someone in charge is pushing them to release content do timing and cost. (which is I think is most likely)

There are several patches over years, that clearly show within 1-5mins of playing there is a major issue. That shouldn’t have been missed by anyone.

Thou, I think part of issue is PC mentally, of being able to patch when ever, and playing day or 2, or weeks with broken game is the Norm on PC. And just acceptable behavior.
For Console Users, this isn’t Norm, Were use to fully tested and released games. (From most game devs… there others that are heavy PC based)
So the multi Month wait is just. massive slap to face.

Sometimes, Multi Month turns to several… and its rather disgusting.

Issue is thou, some of issues are clear as day as soon as game starts up. Oh look… I jump when trying build rotate items. Opps…
Oh Noes, the game runs at 10-15fps and stutterring… this totally must be normal? Send it to certifaction?

No… Its ether Top Person issue trying to keep time table and low costs, and console user get a huge middle finger, or they don’t test properly. Again… more middle fingers for us.

I’m still waiting for Ps4 patch, since were behind yet again… Paying for server, can’t even play on it.

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Funcom isnt capable of fixing this game… In a reasonable time frame. Im sure in 5yrs it could be just fine, but as someone who spent money on the game im not interested anymore. Their developers and team just cant do it. Wat would take other companies 3weeks it takes funcom 6months. And prblms only add up bc they need dlcs to keep up the budgets, cycle repeats. More bugs before they fix old ones every update again nd again like the original post said. They can test… Cool bt they just ignore somethings and it gets worse. Funcom i know conan is your pride nd joy cause u knw people will continue to buy your broken promises bt i wont. I never bought argos or IoS nd will nvr give u another dime. Wish they would just sell conan to a more capable and honest company bt thts wishful thinking. Good luck exiles…

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