What is wrong with the patches?

Why do patches ment to correct bugs seem to make things worse so often?

I have been told FC tests patches.

What state qualifies as a pass? Why do patches that have passed testing end up creating bugs that prevent log in, resulting in decays? Why is this acceptable? What can the community leaders do to help console players receive a QOL update to the testing platforms? Why shouldnt FC take steps to improve the console experience? Can console get some love?

Want answers? Me too! But i want improvements more.

Lets be nice. Lets not give the moderators a reason to unlist this thread. Lets focus on seeing CE be better. Thanks for your input though!

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Oh no the threads fine with that post, totally not an attack on who ever is doing the work, it’s just that it’s actually a real issue in a lot of places where a family member works on a team but is the weakest link yet since their family you have a hard time getting rid of them, id have a hard time myself doing it if it was me, that’s just the only answer i can really come up with for patches working amazing in some areas and then just completely bad in other areas

Wont do anyrhing to replace lost items, wont do anything to prevent loss, wont do anything to compensate


New patch yesrerday. Player reports today. Coop broken, cant log, invisible npc…etc. All a surprise, caused by a tiny hotfix to prevent players from getting free legendary loot from boss chests.

Tried to fix 1 thing, broke at least 3…

These tested patches are just fantastic…

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