Ask not what FC can do for us rather ask what can we do for FC

Hey FC, what can we, as console players do to help get patches released in a more reliable state? What do you need? Just name it and we will try to work with you to obtain it. Please let us help.

I, personally, have grown weary of logging to refresh only. The amount of bugs prevent me from enjoying CE any longer. The performance issues have impacted play, for me anyway, so negatively that i loathe the short walks i have to refresh builds by.

I am fearful of losing my loots that take so long to aquire with rng, and can never be replaced by FC. I have lost so much, so many times. I have to survive against the game mechanics AND the effects of the bugs. I play pvec, when i actively logged. I can honestly say i think i have lost more loots to bugs than other players engaging me in combat or swiping my death bags. For me, playing CE is a surviving FC simulator. So far you guys are alpha, FC.

I am just being honest, im not out to offend. This is how i feel. So i offer whatever i can to assist change and betterment of CE. I want to play again! Let me go back to the fun i used to have before CE became a log on simulator for me. From the look of the players list, im not the only one logging in for 10-20 minutes two times a week

If you are aware of so many bugs, why have you not provided a single detailed bug report during your time on the forum?

If you need to learn more about submitting bug reports, you can find that information here;


I refuse to participate in bug reports. Sometimes i feel like noone should submit reports. Let FC figure it out for themselves. If they had to rely on themselves instead of the players, maybe patches would be released in a more productive state. Besides, if i see a dozen reports a month about the same issue(s), what more can i add? What is the point in reporting thralls undermeshing after 2.4. Then it remained when patched with 2.5. Still remains after 2.6 release. 2.7 is next…maybe it will be fixed…until 2.8 is released. Maybe my report would have made a world of difference and the information i would have submitted would have been exactly what was needed to nail down that one particular bug. Then again, maybe you over estimate the power of identical reports about the same issue…maybe.

Wow… that is completely contrary the whole point of your topic.

You say you want to help, you say you will work with them, but then you have no interest in doing the thing that would be most useful.



Providing bug reports is the primary thing you can do, so if you wont do that, then the rest is moot.


That is indeed one way to look at it. My perception of it is that i refuse to assist in back tasking, fixing what was carelessly broken. I want to assist in whatever means i can so that patches are released in a more functional, dependable, and reliable state. Then the reports would be moot to minimal and have little to no impact. That would be what i would refer to as an improvement. Not participating in the same old behavior that only leads to temporary relief at best. Adding bugs should be avoided as best as possible, not just chased after being set amok.

Duplicate reports can actually help a lot, so long as they are as detailed as possible. Each different player has a unique perspective, and this means that there is more chance for bug hunters to find commonalities.

If a player simply reports something being broken that’s very little to go on. It’s all the other information that’s going to narrow the cause of the bug down.


Lets examine that last line, dont know how to quote.

Reports are required due to bugs. Bugs are created by patches. Patches are written by the dev team. Coders are hired by an individual. That individual has a supervisor. That supervisor has a manager. That manager has a director. Blah blah blah. Where do you place the pin? Where does the responsibility lay? I guess its the players that do not submit reports…maybe…blink, blink.

Wait, hold on, I’m confused. When did we start talking about whose responsibility this is? I kinda thought you were offering to help:

And people basically told you how to help:

So, uh, what did you actually want to talk about? Did you really want to help? Or did you want to make another thread about how the results of Funcom’s QA practices suck?

There’s nothing wrong with the latter, but do us all a favor and call a spade a spade.

People see “how can I help” and spend their time suggesting how to do that or skip the thread if they don’t care about that. People see “Funcom’s QA process sucks” and come in to discuss that or skip the thread if they don’t care about that.


I was replying to a comment regarding narrowing down where a bug comes from.

I do not wish to participate in the clean up of a FC mess. I would much rather some way to participate in improving the patches before they create the mess.

I merely provide justification and reasoning of my opinion regarding bug reporting duties i did not accept.

Sorry if it was misleading or perceived as askew from the thread topic.

Discussion kind of stops there don’t you think? If you aren’t willing to help in the one way they ask us to, I’m not really sure what the point of this thread was. Except maybe to complain while trying to look like a nice person. :man_shrugging:

Unless you are submitting your resume, this doesn’t really mean anything.


I continue with my resolve. I want to participate in seeing patches released in a better state. I do not wish to participate in the clean up of patches that are continuously released in a sub par condition and effect players negatively. Thats not my role. I am a problem solver, i go to the root when possible. I feel continually cleaning up the flood is foolish until the leak has been stopped.

You were replying to @OctaviousWrex’s usage of the expression “the cause of the bug”. I’ve been in software development for so long, that I sometimes forget that not all users understand the lingo. When talking about the “cause” of a bug, we’re not referring to responsibility, but rather the code that causes the symptoms.

It’s like going to the doctor because your knees hurt, and then the doctor has to figure out what’s causing it. Is it arthritis? Is it bad posture? Is it an injury? Is it something else?

That kind of stuff also happens with bugs. “Some of the pieces in my base lose stability randomly” is a description of the symptoms. The cause is usually some black magic fuсkery in the code :wink:

As far as the topic goes, the replies here are spot on: the best way players can help is through bug reports. Even if they took you up on your offer to help test patches before they come out, that help would still have the exact same shape and form: submitting bug reports.

Like @Ulyssi said, the only way you can “go to the root” is to go work for Funcom. There’s a page for that.

If you’re actually a “problem solver”, then try helping solve problems by reporting bugs. All software has users that submit bug reports. Some software has actual bug trackers open to users. Others use customer support forums. Some have both. But submitting bugs is, and always will be, a ubiquitous way to help software developers.

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Okay, what DO you actually want to do? I like flowery words too, but you have yet to give anything concrete.

Do you want there to be console test live? ( you will be reporting bugs like @CodeMage has said)

Do you want to donate some money to help out the dev team? ( could range from a coffee fund to hiring more people)

“I want to help” but I won’t do that thing and I won’t offer up anything I actually want to do to help is literally virtue signaling. I have no idea how to help you in that case.

I can, and am willing to help, but my principles do not permit me to participate in one contributing role. I still refuse to submit reports on why i cannot play CE. I do not accept that as my responsibility. I refuse to help you get out of a hole if you just dig another one right where you stand. Hole after hole. Im not insane. I will not be driven to it.

You suggest nothing in place of bug patrol. Thank you for your time. Have a good weekend.

I’d ask again what contributing role you do want to participate in, but it is clear to me there is no point.

Sure. Good luck with whatever this thread is.

I have no suggestion for involvement. I am asking FC what i can do, short of bug reports. A console test environment that is more inline with the live environment, has been my suggestion since i joined the forum.

I feel like the current state of CE makes my purchases tantamount to a donation, as the exchange goes one way at this point. I paid, cant play. And i think the devs might benifet from some naps, so coffee is out.

Want to help, wont do that one thing, did offer a suggestion. Prehaps you have one to add?

Play Testlive on PC?

That requires reporting the bugs via a bug report…

The short answer is “nothing he can do”.

No, I’m serious. From what he’s saying so far, it looks like he doesn’t want to report bugs in released patches. Playing Testlive is a way to report bugs in patches before they get released.