Is it time to implement testing yet?

Another update has released. 3.0. Just like every single patch console gets, sorcery patch ruined ce gameplay for every current console player. The list of bugs is unlike any other update i have seen. Just a steady stream of new reports and posts asking for information on their submitted reports. It looks like xbox alone will need months of work.

Every damn patch ruins ce for a length of time. Proper testing of these patches could result in far fewer players quitting each time fc “improves” console play with a new patch. FC could keep some of its current players from quitting if it appeared fc was actually trying to deliver a quality product.

People dont mind waiting for updates that work. People do mind updates that ruin their experience.

FC should be aware by now that these untested updates DO infact, result in loss of players. Loss of customers. Little to no battlepass sales for the platform. Negative reviews and posts, agitated customers, and a hit to fc reputation.

It is going to have a cost associated with testing, but if fc can manage to keep players, instead of relying on temporary players that will quit due to the untested updates, then the investment could pay off in the end by having more active players for the battlepass. Better rating and reviews. Less angry players posting.

Just a suggestion, the same one i have been making all along.

Test it before you shove it down our throats. You might find less negative impact to the players and fc.

Ps. Ive been called a troll for posting about this topic before. Very little support, as there is very little left of the xbox community. I mostly just met with obstacles and conflict from pc players that dislike hearing about fc failures on platforms that do not relate to them. What a time it was. Lets see if it goes any differently this round…


Thank you for your like of the above post. I view it as support.

Cheers Mate!


Agreed. I play on PS and it’s definitely left in the dust, sometimes worse than Xbox, due to Xbox’s Microsoft adaptive elements. It feels like they don’t even own a PS in house, because these issues would have been spotted right away. :expressionless:


Homie! When the first bug we find after a new patch, is a bug that prevents login, then we need testing bro!

I agree 100% Chief. It honestly feels like the console patches are pc patches with a changed exe file name. And all hell breaks loose every time. Players are losing bases in front of their eyes, while logged. Others cannot get abandoned structures to decay after almost a month. Its the craziest update to date.


My wife and I are on Ps4 playing on our private server and refreshing our official server because of freezing and other bugs :bug:. At least on our private server no loss on so people don’t loose their shit its why we rented it right after the game came out tired of not being able to find our bodies at the time . It is about time :timer_clock: someone gives us a estimate on a patch. I feel for the people that loosing all the materia and thralls they worked for . And @Community can we get a time line on a update. If it wasn’t for playing on our server we would only login to refresh freezing stinks and afraid to go to dungeons I can loose my stuff and my own don’t need help.

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