Exiles PVP [4x EXP] - No Gods - No Wipes - Weekend Raiding


Exiles PVP is a new fresh PVP server with the intention of fostering a healthy PVP experience for all.

  • Get yourself into the fight sooner rather than later with 4X exp gain!
  • Regular server-wide PVP events.
  • Server admin is not an active player and there is no admin abuse.

If you love Conan and PVP, why not give us a visit and make your mark on our world.

-Do not block obelisks
-Do not block dungeons
-Do not block resource

Direct Connect:
Platform: PC
Player Damage Always ON
Raid Times/Building Damage: Sat & Sun 1700-2300
Gathering: 2x


I have joined.

Hi Bonan! I hope you enjoy your time on our server :slight_smile: