XBOX: [BR] #2996 PvP (H10x/RP10x) 18+ Nude All (Free)

Please join us on a new server, 24/7 PvP server hosted by gportal (us),
Raid times are currently set for 5PM EST to 11PM EST All Days,
include Saturday and Sunday.

Server Location: Ashburn, Virginia (Ping NEW YORK)
Server IP:
Server Player Cap: 40
Player EXP: 10x
Player Harvesting: 10x
Nude: All
Gods: ON
Server restarts all Days - NEW YORK (EST) - 5:00 AM

Quick rules list to see if you are interested

#1 Obelisk camping is prohibited

#2 Structure spamming to block resources is prohibited.

#3 have fun and lets build a great community to play and enjoy Conan exiles!