ExileWar - 5X Fast PvP Wiped 5/28

Sign up at Exilewar to say Hi, and have your voice heard in the direction the server will head.

ExileWar PvP - WIPED 5/28 (Admins do not play)

Active admins who enforce Rules.


  • Open and Mature Community
  • 12hr Auto-Restarts with Warnings
  • 5x XP, Harvest
  • Boosted Crafting
  • Fast Night
  • Buffed Hunger/Thirst


  1. No racism or hate speech will be tolerated.
  2. Be respectful, no toxic chat will be tolerated.

COMBAT/RAIDING: (Admins do not get involved in Clan vs Clan politics)

  1. No attacking new players. When someone is new to the server, you cannot attack/raid/harass them. There will be zero tolerance for breaking this rule. This is your only warning!

  2. 48-HOUR Cooldown: A clan can only raid another clan ONCE per 48 hour period. Open world PvP is not considered Raiding, but attacking or stealing anything from a clans base is considered Raiding. Once a Raid starts, the cool down timer will start. We rely on our community to report raids with screenshots/video proof of any rules being broken.

We are flexible and try to make balanced calls when things get hairy.

Thanks, and Good Luck!