Exilium RP/PVP (PIPPI) 2/9/19 - Recruiting New Players

Exilium RP-PVP server with PIPPI is looking for new players who enjoy building, RP and light PVP (without structure damage).

The server has a central player market with map room along with usage of the PIPPI wallet system and in game currency exchange (deposit to PIPPI wallet). XP gains have been boosted along with gathering to 3x and NPCs have slightly boosted damage and HP to provide more of a challenge to players. There are several RP deco mods added along with new structure types. Also on the list are several mods which add both new weapons and armors and the Skelos vendor. Home ports using PIPPI are allowed as well.

If you are interested, please come check us out:

Server Name: Exilium - RP/PVP (PIPPI) 2/9/19
Server IP:
Discord: http://discord.gg/YE9M5S9

We are still looking for new players to help bring our server to life! Come on in and check the server out. :slight_smile:

Bump! Let us know if you would like a full list of mods in use. This is an RP-PVP server set up to be a builder’s paradise. Most mods in use are geared towards new building types and textures with others in use for economic reasons.