Extending double harvest

You should extend Double harvest until everything is back to normal, or at least another 2 weeks because most of the world will be shut down at least that much longer. It would bring back more players and cause them to invite more players to play that have nothing better to do with their new found free time. Xbox server 2111 pop up 20-25% since double harvest. It would be great to keep server population that way and more double harvest during this crisis would help to draw and hook more people.

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Totally agree!

Agree, but specifically because I haven’t been able to log in the past 2 days due to high ping.

Hey there,

We’re not doing such a thing. Instead, from today until next Friday, XP rates are increased.


much better. and so far the only ones who benefitted from the x2 harvest were those doing the ddos

Not for thralls

I have to disagree.
Have you tried leveling thralls since new XP rates are valid? You should do so :wink:

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I have, its the same.

I get 1 thrall level 10 from 1 brimstone run, still the same.

Well, it should work. I have noticed a substantial boost while leveling a T4 Volcano fighter from 15 to 20 this morning. After your post I’ve tested the XP multipliers in single player and noticed, that it indeed has an effect on thralls. The Kill-EP multiplier to be specific. Maybe there is an issue on your server and it will work after the next server restart?

Once I log into server it says that harvesting increased until 3rd of April, but I check settings and it shows x2. So how it should be? It’s server 1127 (PC)

I guess I missed something…

What does double experience mean? For example, leveling a player requires experience, but for those already lvl 60 are there other experience gains to be gained from this doubling of XP? thanks

does this double XP affect companions? in the test we did over official it did not looked like it.

thanks for any clarification you might provide.

On the public PvP server I’m playing on it tells me they increased XP rates and under server settings XP multipliers for crafting, killing and harvesting are indeed set to 5,0 by now.

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They just extended it, and the world will never be normal again.

Do thralls get the increased XP during this time?

@Jkburt01 @Yasunga I don’t play on officials but as long as “kill xp” is what is being adjusted, this would affect the followers as well. From the random official server I logged on, kill xp, harvest xp and crafting xp are all adjusted which would mean that via the kill xp you will get a boost on the thrall levelling as well.

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