Extra Life Day 2022!

The Agnitio Extra Life Team Page is active! Please sign up to help with this important charity event. Anyone, cabal member or not, can sign up. Team members will receive awesome in-game rewards! There is NO financial obligation for signing up to the team. Please help if you can! SWL - Agnitio - Fundraising For Extra Life


I wanted to reiterate that if you sign up for Agnitio’s Extra Life Team, you have no obligation to pay anything. Extra Life will give you a $100 goal, but you don’t have to reach that. In fact, you don’t have any obligation to do anything if you join. You can help with the Megabosses we summon if you can, and you can promote the charity on social media if you want to, but really I would just love if you would join and just show your general support of our efforts. And for doing so, you get free stuff! How can anyone resist free stuff?


I wanted to thank everyone who helped with today’s Megaboss summons for Extra Life Game Day. I had a blast, and I hope y’all did as well.