Fail to join session

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PVP official server 3552 online CRASH America PS5

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***Attempting to load into the server as usual. However since yesterday since 4pm. I cannot get into the server i want to be in. The loading screen pops up for a few seconds and then it crashes to a black screen then main menu. Sometimes i get a error code saying failed to join server most of the time it kicks me without saying anything. My buddy can get on the server. He sees my character stand up in game and then lie back down. I have tried reinstalling the game, wired and wireless connection, restart the playstation and the internet as well. I can get into other servers. Ive noticed I cant get into multiple servers around 3552 like 3557 for example. However I can get into servers like in the 3600’s. I have no idea what the issue is and ran out of ideas. If someone could assist it would be greatly appreciated.

Expected Behavior:

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***I expected to load into the game as usual.

Steps to Reproduce:

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Step 1 - load into server 3552 pvp ps4/ps5 loads for a few seconds then cuts to black screen then main menu.

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