Failure to join an official server

Good afternoon, since yesterday, 21/09, when the Age of War chapter II update came out, I have not been able to play.

When my friends and I try to join the official server #1977 (PvE) conflict, the game simply won’t load and keeps crashing with the bar full. (I can’t send prints, as I recently created the account).

I can access any other server (even official ones), but this one in particular doesn’t load.

It only loaded once, but when I spawned, it fell into limbo. And now, I can’t get in anymore. (Detail, friends of the clan too, not just me).

I play on PC via XBOX Gamepass and it always worked before the update. Offline mode works normally. My computer has good settings and I have good internet. It’s all OK. What to do?

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Infinite loading occurs when trying to enter the official pve-c 1977 server

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My friend and I also have this problem, the bar loads but it doesn’t enter the server

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