FAIRYTALE RP (New Community)

Fairytale is an extremely immersive roleplay environment that focuses on economy and diplomacy, with realistic gathering and much slower progression. A place where wealth is the key to power instead of the quality of your pickaxe.

We offers players a brutally realistic take on the world of Conan within a mild fantasy, heavy roleplay environment. Where you are offered a single life and near unlimited progression, with every action you make swaying the balance heavily. Everything is slowed to the point of realism and little gains have big impacts. A place where wealth is more important than the pickaxe you wield and a character that’s been around for a year will be a force to be reckoned with. There’s no handholding here, come and forge your own destiny, if you can survive long enough.

  • A “Life” style of gameplay.

  • New server & fresh community

  • True Permadeath, wether your character is days, months or years old, everyone can die at the drop of a pin, just as in life, giving a true sense of value to each and every action, especially as characters progress.

  • In-Character at all times.

  • Limitless progression with legendary weapons to discover, unique mounts, magic and much more.

  • Realistic crafting speed, you can’t forge a blade or build a house in seconds, or instantly cook a boar in the blink of an eye.

  • Classes that begin with unique and specific feats relative to their trade.

  • A true sense of reward with each small victory.

  • Trade settlements with biome specific RPG style economy.

  • Physical and weighted currency for logistical immersion. (No virtual Pippi coins.)

  • Knock out mechanics for being defeated, with a weakened phase to be at the mercy of the victor without the need for a hard ruling. (5 Minute bleedout timer where the downed can be helped back up, dragged away or finished off.)

  • No Global chat, Warps or Map rooms. Players are exposed to the very dangers that lay around them and journeys for resources need to be planned and thought out. A wolfs howl in the night is more dangerous here than you know. Keep your friends close, you’ll need them.

  • Mature community using Dungeons and Dragons dice mechanics to suit any roleplay situation.

  • Very best server hardware available.

Fairytale is not for the faint of heart, it’s not a race to the finish, it’s the journey you create along the way. It’s brutal and unforgiving, but the trade of is a true sense of accomlpishment… You have been warned, good luck!

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I highly recommend this server if you are interested in a challenge, it is by far the best I have played on.