Falling into nothing

So I was building an elevator off the waterfalls right next to the Savannah in H-8.As I was riding the elevator down and it was inches from the ground I stepped off the elevator fell through the map as I continued to fall into nothing. As I was falling I was granted the achievement “iron shadows in the Moon” AS I WAS FALLING INTO NOTHING!!! When I died I loaded back to my bed I ran down to get my stuff no body to be found not even a grave Stone on the map. So I had two friends come up and try seeing if they could see my body and I could not because I have had that problem before but no one could see my body no gravestone on the map and I lost some really good things. so I guess what I’m saying is I just need to suck it up and go grind out the yogs touch and the festering one cuz these are the two items I’m really upset about losing
seeing they are not easily acquired please let me know how you feel about this whole situation

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Oh yeah I also forgot to mention the
3,000 hardened brick
3,000 shaped wood
3,000 steel reinforcements
considering I was using the new DLC so this was required to build the build what I wanted to build

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An unfortunate bug, and a tragic loss at that. Would you be able to post a screenshot of the elevator location? That may be able to help them patch it, if they have more specifics to work off.

I will not let my stuff decay because I’ve been in the service for over 3 years, I have also sent an email still waiting for a response from that and now on here as well. But I will wait I guess I’ll just suck it up like I said in my post go back and grind out the stuff I lost. I really would like some response


Have you posted a Bug report in the appropriate forum section? That’s the best way for your report to reach the people in charge of bug fixing.

Next time you run back to the spot you died and there’s no body just wait there for 15mins the loot bag should pop up that happened to me when my body was just gone I waited

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