Crashed, fell through earth, corpse and all my best items gone

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Misc]
Region: [EU PvP Official]

I’m level 35, got in a scrap with a single lvl 1 fighter and crashed. I was wearing my best, dyed, enchanted armor and carrying a weapon which my clan mate gave me to help me. It was the best sword in the clan and the only one. He asked me not to lose it. I was also carrying a backpack full of wonderful items to be transported.
After I crashed, I logged back in ASAP and was falling through the earth. Then I crashed again. So I logged back in ASAP and was this time by my bed, naked with the message YOU WERE KILLED BY FIGHTER LVL 1.
I then raced to my corpse location. Nowhere to be seen! I knew it! I seen myself falling through the Earth and that’s where my corpse is, with no way to retrieve it!
I’m a little annoyed. I’m supposed to be helping with our castle, we all are because there’s attackers intruding frequently and now I got to take some time away just to remake more armour, not to mention my clan leaders going to disapprove of me losing the clans best sword through a stupid glitch.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Fight lvl 1 fighter 1vs1
  2. Crash, die to a lvl 1 fighter
  3. Relog ASAP to find yourself falling through the ground
  4. Look like a moron running around in circles for 45 mins NAKED trying to find your corpse at your location of death after you res

The same happened to me. All beautiful items, weapons, tools and armour lost. Now i’m scared to exit the base with any valuable item.

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We are aware of this issue. The developers are currently investigating the issue further. Please keep a look out for more information when the issue is fixed.

That being said, some players who reported this issue noticed that their body reappeared after walking far away from where the body was and returning to that spot. This hasn’t worked for every player but it has for some.

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Yay Mashmellow. It’s only happened once thankfully but it didn’t put me off playing. I know of the trick to leave the area and return soon for corpses, we do it to find our thralls often :sunglasses: it really didn’t work for my corpse on this occasion. I spent close to one hour trying to find it. We are going to try and find another sword probably tomorrow.
I love the game, it is amaaazing. Hope you can find a solution to this. Good luck with it :smiley: thanks

I run around in my underpants now, learned my lesson the 2nd time it happened.

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Just wanted to add that this more or less happened to me as well with a minor exception. The game told me I was killed by falling and put me in the desert. I experienced a couple of crashes right after logging into the server. On the third or so restart it simply spawned me in the desert with the above mentioned method of death. I suspect my body fell through the map during one of the failed attempts to play but never actually saw this occur. Map didn’t even show a location of a death or anything. So like you all I lost everything. Now Im afraid after each crash to dashboard Im going load back up in the desert.

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I have this issue happen with NPCs that I kill as well. I get in a fight with 4 at once, kill all of them but go to loot one of the first ones killed and he’s gone. Then I turn away and open a box a small distance away and then turn back and the missing body is back, but one of the others is now missing.