I crashed and lost everything

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug]
Region: [Europe]

I spent 8 hours this morning farming all sorts of things around the map until my inventory was completely maxed out. My game crashed sending me back to the home screen, I then opened the game up to go back onto it and my game crashed again, once I had got back onto the server, I was dead and my body has decayed in the matter of a few short minutes. I’m talking the space of 2 minutes, This is extremely frustrating due to the amount of stuff I had, If I’d lost it to a person or my own stupidity that’d be fair enough but I lost it to an in game bug. There was no body bag for me to loot, this issue and happened repeatedly but this is the most frustrating one. If I could have a dev look into this, it can be seen on my clans EVENT LOG, I’m a solo player and this set back is bad. I’m on server 2202 PVP official and my clan name is Seventh. If I could please be helped that would be amazing. My account name is ‘Discarii’ and I play Xbox.

Hey there,

You agree with the EULA to not get any refunds.
The issue itself can be looked into. Be sure to provide enough details (see How to be a pro Xbox Bug Hunter (PLEASE READ) and How to find game logs)

If you would like to refund the game itself, you will have to ask the storefront (Steam - PlayStation Store - Microsoft Store).

@Discarii Hi I think what happened to you is what happened to me not to far in the recent past I crashed and tried getting back in a crashed another time I finally got on a respawned on my bed so I knew I died and ran to my last position but no body but I knew 15mins didn’t pass so I just stood there and waited finally pop the bag appeared and got my stuff back … that happed once to me so just incase you don’t know if you die you have 15 mins before your body disappears and turns into a bag then that disappears in like a min or 2 so if that ever happens again just wait

Hello @Discarii, welcome to the forums!

Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide any refunds of materials or equipment lost, as there is no MMO-like admin support for the game in official servers.

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