Your game bugged out got me killed server crashed now I ain't got my stuff

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Canada]

[Sooooo I was getting brimstone then your official server #2732 just decided to bug out. Froze me like in the gas but I was out of it and I died I lost my legendary katana my dlc shield another legendary sword like 35 Harden steel pickaxes 5 harden steel axes a harden steel cleaver 78448 stone 5400 brimstone 9000 iron 78 purified waters winter and encumbrance armour fully dyed like 500 glowing goop and like 470 bones and my repair hammer you get the point I lost everything]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Ship happens.

FUncom has long said game glitch loses do not count.

Over on AoC they have a cool thing called the undefeated.
You get cool stuff longer you play without dying.
One guy was level 76 of 80, his cat yanked a cord, when he got back in he was dead.

FUncom said, so sorry charlie.

You will never see your stuff, time to cut your losses and move on.

BTW on this last update 2.1, I had 7 legendaries on me.
A set of armor that I had had since day 3 of CE going live.

When I logged in, I was blow out to the desk top, went back in, got blown out again. Went back in a third time, I was butt as nakid, and had died twice, and lost everything because the timer ran out.
I will never get any of that back. It was a glitch.

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I wonder if the glitch was caused by the huge amount of material,s you where carrying?

That’s right sadly you can make a list and check it twice there not gonna replace nothing crashing and loseing your stuff is part of the game how to stop this from happening only farm for 10 20 minutes then stash your stuff or have a backpack trall with you an never carry that much stuff

Yo sestus I’m thinking about getting the new ps5 if i do i will hit you up

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Please do. I have not gotten to deep into the PS5 idea because I will have to buy two of them. Or I could just buy my wife one and get brownie points . She had a Xbox for about 2 months before Conan-Exiles came out then had to trade it in so we could play together.

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