Lost all building material and part of my building. Now official server is gone

Game mode: [Online | pvp
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: eu server 3216

My clan and I are fed up . We lost all of our building supplies two days in a row. It’s not like it’s easy and quick to make steel reinforcement. We lost over 5000 steel 8000 hide. Thousands of brimstone that we’ve been collecting for weeks. Now we can get on the server. I think we gave up on this. Not putting all out time and effort in just to lose it all for a third time. Keep the $50…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


Sux dude … lost heaps heaps of time dedicated

No good

Or watch them fall from a cliff while standing on stairs XD

The latest patch broke more then it fixed… I lost about 25-30 hours of grind in one go. Big amount of items, work stations with items and thralls inside. 2 of the thralls were named and really rare. One of them I just saw spawning once and then I managed to capture him and now it is gone…

Did you checked clan events, it’s more likely that you’ve been raided

Same here… all my buildings now are “no owner” i lost all my stuffs, my fortress everything!!! No raids, no events… just more 1 f**king bug

No at 1 A.M. eastern time. The server automatically kicks you out. I just got don’t building a section at 1258 got kicked off at 1. And at 105 got back on and all of it’s gone. Back to the way it was when I turned the game on 5 hours earlier. It was like nothing I did was shown for and all my building material just vanished . So wierd


Im not sure if if it was a hacker or someone using a conan bug but i lost my full base and all resources i had built since conan released.

1 i joined a clan which i didn’t know gives ownership too the clan anyway all was fine .
2 i login too server today and the clan i joined was disbanded and a new owner Clan Portal Leapers .
3 i am locked in my own Building own Nothing and cannot even pick up my spawn mat.
4 this is some bad Glitch Hack. I have yet too try bracelet removal too escape .
5 clan Portal Leapers psn id mrFrosTbyt i have never seen before until i logged on today Stole my Base.
This issue Bug /hack is on the ps4 version .

I doesn’t even matter anymore. Our clan hasn’t been able to get on. Our whole server has vanished. This is going on the 4th day now. Why launch a game that has more issuers than good. Great concept but hate these servers. It has been a complete wast of time

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I have been plating on #3216 aswel not being able to find your server for days realy sucks please fix the server as soon as humanly posible

RIP 3216 :ghost::man_shrugging:t2:. Waste of 100 + hours

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On 1010 pve official server same issues. I wasted 400 hours day by day and yesterday, half of my buiding, tons of materials,gold,star metal,named thralls,etc is dissaperead. F*****g game. I not play this game never. 400 hours i played for what ? My entire time and effort is dissaperead like a smoke.

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I even went through a few minor disappearance of my structures when I was still playing this trap (for example, some wells that I set up in the north and visited almost daily disappear), but if happened to lose a large part of my base (or other important things) as in a “magic” pass, I would have abandoned that game even faster. I know very well who is upset and angry about investing tens of hours in a game that can sabotage the product of their efforts without any warning or reason. This type of insecurity alone makes Conan Exiles a virtual / technical survival game. Lol.

I sincerely hope that in the NEAR future this game can once again be just a source of fun and not a waste of time and patience.